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Reduce Wear Contamination


Case Study: Cement Mine Gear Lube Filtration – South Africa, 2016

A cement mine consumed 6 drums/year of Molub-Alloy 8031-3000 open-gear, high-viscosity oil base gel >78,000 cPs at a cost of $12,000 USD/year. Traditional filtration is unable to sufficiently filter this highly viscous oil gel at the necessary flow rate, and insufficient filtration results in a one-time product life. Find out how they solved their problem.


One Eye Industries Inception: From Startup to Leader

In less than two years, One Eye Industries CEO, Roger Simonson, discovered a major challenge: finding adequate funds to educate the public about the need for clean oil, despite the many environmental and financial benefits for businesses.


Video Series: Large Engine Diesel Scrubber

In this application, the magnetic filter is installed prior to traditional filtration to extend the life span of the OEM depth media filtration, which is only capable of filtering to 20-micron-wear particle sizes. Everything you need to know about ONE EYE INDUSTRIES' N2 Large Diesel Filtration.


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