Radial Field Magnetic Filtration

80% of equipment failures are caused by unfiltered contamination. You can avoid those failures by using OEI advanced filtration systems to remove 99% of contaminants down to submicon sizes.

The patented radial field magnetic technology employed in OEI rare earth magnet filters creates fields that are 10x stronger than ceramic magnetic filters. Stronger, wider fields attract more particles in a greater range of sizes. OEI filters build static fields to remove non-ferrous (including plastics and silica) as well as ferrous contaminants from submicron to 100+ microns in size.


Traditional magnetic filtration technology lacks the strength to capture contamination particles below 10 microns, risking premature equipment failure. Similarly, disposable paper or fiberglass filters cannot reliably remove sub 10 micron particles and are subject to wormholing, and blockages that reduce or obstruct flow.

Modern equipment component tolerances require sub 10 micron filtration.

  • Engines are under 8 microns
  • Bearings are under 3 microns
  • Hydraulic system components are under 1 micron

Yet, the ISO standards for cleanliness start analysis at 4 microns and go up. Therefore ISO standards are not identifying severe contamination issues. In order to protect equipment components filtration under 4 microns is vital; and traditional full flow filtration technology fails to capture contaminants below 10 microns.

Year after year OEI solutions have been proven to extend the life of lube oils, lube fluids and equipment components. In addition, our magnetic filters are environmentally friendly, as they are cleanable and reusable for 15+ years. Our high efficiency Magnetic Filtration technology produces increased equipment reliability, a reduction in maintenance costs and improved profitability. Analysis of contaminants captured by OEI magnetic filtration technology, can be used as predictive and preventative maintenance tools. This information can be used to reduce unscheduled maintenance and downtime. Therefore, One Eye Industries magnetic filtration solutions proactively protect customers’ investments and extend the life of their equipment.


Sub 10 micron contaminants captured by OEI radial field magnetic filtration that would have caused premature equipment failure if left unfiltered by traditional filters.

Benefits of OEI's Magnetic Filtration Products

Increased uptime and equipment reliability

OEI filtration produces higher concentration product for machinery

We are the only company in the world that can collect both ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants to submicron levels

Patented magnetic assembly method, that increases the strength of the magnets by 250%

All OEI products have a 3 year warranty and last upwards of 15+ years

Simply remove the Magnetic Rod from housing and wipe with a rag to clean

Predictive and preventative maintenance tool for determining future wear and problem areas

Use of our products are environmentally friendly and keeps traditional filters out of the landfill. After 15 years our steel and magnets are melted down and recycled

No additional products have to be purchased during product life

Minimal Flow Restrictions

ADD Vantage 9000 has bypass capability 

ROI is seen on longer oil changes, less maintenance, no traditional filter purchase/installation/disposal costs, parts savings in mere months

Custom Designs to fit every system

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