Magnetic Filtration for Gas Production

OEI’s Magnetic Filter solutions are a vital addition to Gas Upstream, Midstream and Downstream production. Our filtration technology differentiates from tradition filters in several ways:

  • Maintain flow rates
  • Filtration capability is below 1 micron to above 100
  • Cleanable and reusable for 15+ years
  • Reduces consumable costs
  • Increases equipment reliability
  • Improves uptime and profitability
  • Enhance your safety record with less trips needed to the field, due to extending PMs
  • Increase your safety record by extending PMs; thereby reducing travel and equipment contact frequency
  • Enhance company’s environmental record


Upstream Gas Exploration requires some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world. We provide solutions for traditional Gas Exploration and Shale Gas exploration. In order to locate, drill and extract oil from wells a number of different processes and equipment is used. Our technology has applications for both onshore and offshore drilling rigs. From Seismic operations to Drilling for the most part is conducted in remote locations. Equipment reliability is paramount to maintain low operating costs as consumables and part replacement have the added cost of transportation to and from site.

Off shore drilling rigs and platforms have the most expensive real estate in the world. Filtration requirements are critical to maintain reliable operation. OEI offers filtration solutions that take up minimum space, require minimal consumables so operating space is reduced as well as storage of consumables and equipment replacement parts are significantly reduced. Our filtration technology has application on all engines, generators, hydraulics, and fuel systems of the rigs, platforms, subsea equipment, BOPs, HPUs and more. Other applications are removal of the corrosion contamination in the glycol dehydration process protecting pumps and extending operational life of the glycol. With H2S and CO2 issues we filter the corrosion contaminants from amine to protect pump components and the integrity of the amine.

Our filtration technology has application on coil tubing, fluid pumping, nitrogen pumping, acidizing, blenders and remedial cementing processes as well as the fluids and sand for the frac units. We filter fuel, lube oil, glycol, coolant, hydraulics, pneumatics, gearboxes and engines on equipment to keep them running 24/7 with longer equipment life and reduced maintenance costs. OEI magnetic filtration solutions will extend your PM period, equipment component and fluid life, increase reliability, provide a ROI within a year and enhance overall profitability.


Gas Plants undergo highly complex processes to remove condensates, CO2, water, and H2S to produce a clean dry methane fuel gas. Our filtration technology protects the equipment used throughout the whole process. Filtration of the compressor seals and lube oil. Removal of the corrosion contamination of the glycol and amine processes.

LNG liquefaction is another intricate process requiring refrigeration, compression, fractionation, and chemical conversions to produce high quality LNG for transport. The life blood of this process requires different kinds of compressors, pumps and refrigeration equipment to successfully liquefy the gas. OEI provides powerful sub-micron ferrous and non-ferrous magnetic filtration of integral coolant, ammonia, air, glycol, mechanical seals, hydraulic and pneumatic lines feeding your equipment to get the job done. Our products can be universally beneficial to all plants including, regasification and chemical plants.


In Downstream Gas Production, OEI can also provide filtration solutions for rotating equipment LNG during auto refrigeration, regasification, storage and transportation to end users. With such temperature sensitive processes, it is very important to have equipment performing at its best. We improve the reliability and long-term performance of this equipment through sub micron OEI Magnetic Filtration.

One Eye Industries also supplies magnetic filters for all pipeline rotating equipment including: compressors, turbines, generators, engines, pumps.


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