Magnetic Filtration for Manufacturing

We have come a long way from Henry Ford’s assembly line during the Industrial Revolution. Manufacturing equipment today has some of the most complex systems and machines on Earth. Rotating equipment utilizing hydraulics, pneumatics, rotating equipment, engines, water, compressors, chemicals, glycol, ammonia and generators are at the core of these complex and amazing machines. Some of these parts have no filtration provided at the OEM level, so that is where OEI can come in and provide filtration to provide better performance, decrease maintenance costs and increase the reliability of your equipment.

We provide Magnetic Filtration Solutions to the following manufacturing equipment:

  • Parts washers 
  • Pneumatics 
  • Hydraulics 
  • Rotating equipment 
  • Generators 
  • Engines 
  • Turbines 
  • Milling Process

Food and Pharmaceuticals

One Eye Magnetic Filtration technology has been redesigned for food applications for dairy, beverages, processed and pre-processed foods. These powerful magnetic filters offer full exposure to the product with minimal flow restriction and increased strength, to remove ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants to sub-micron levels. Designed for easy cleaning, just remove the Magnetic Filter Rod and wipe clean.

In the processing line One Eye has specific tools designed for removing  unwanted contaminants during operation. We have created the following specialty products to ensure end to end filtration through the conveyor belt to packaging for solid or coarse foods.

  • Magnetic Funnel Scrubber to protection sanitary lines and processing equipment from contaminants (Food Grade or Industrial Grade)
  • Magnetic Filter Bar to remove contamination from processed foods
  • Magnetic Wand to remove contaminants from the conveyor belt
  • Magnetic draw filter for dry product applications


Chemicals, both consumable and hazardous, need adequate filtration during the manufacturing process to produce a quality end product. To achieve this, safety needs to remain paramount. OEI Magnetic Filtration can improve your safety record, by preventing less maintenance and mechanical wear on your systems. Removal of submicron level ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants in your system, can result having an 80% less chance replacement mechanical seals in pumps or mag-drive pumps. In addition, with less unplanned maintenance to do on your equipment, you will have less intensive Planned Maintenance periods, because you will only need to remove and wipe the OEI filter clean every 3-4 months once a new magnetic filtration benchmark has been established.


In the Milling industry it is essential that all cutting tools are perfect to ensure the manufactured product is right for the customer. Fine ferrous debris from milling process becomes suspended in cutting fluid and is sprayed onto the machined part. This fine ferrous debris, remains in the pores of the part and actually reduces the ability to cool and lubricate the part being machined, which causes premature wear of the die, substandard machining and inferior part quality.

Cleaning the cutting/cooling oil to sub-micron levels will reduce the amount of contamination left on the finished parts. It will also extend the life of the cutting/coolant oil. Additionally, removing the iron will reduce the opportunity of algae to grow and degrade the fluid. Traditional filters are unable to remove the contamination down to submicron levels.

We have several unique solutions for Milling including Magnetic Filtration Systems, Magnetic Scrubbers, Magnetic Filter Rods and accessories. By incorporating OEI magnetic filtration technology, the life of the cutting fluid can be extended and the high quality of the milling process maintained.

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