Magnetic Filtration for the Marine Industry

When embarking on a vessel whether for pleasure, transportation, or work, one thing remains the same, you need the boat to get you to your destination. Breakdowns, delays and over-consuming parts can be costly not only for your wallet, but also for your shipments or passengers. Not to mention water transportation leaves you very vulnerable so you want to be sure your equipment is in optimal condition to avoid unnecessary risk.

Do you also process or package goods on your boat? Then you are susceptible to possible contaminants in your coolant, refrigeration and ammonia lines. Wouldn’t want to spoil a hard day’s work!

Our filtration solutions can be placed on hydraulics, fuel, coolant, oil and pneumatics to ensure your lines and boxes are contaminant free and functioning to an optimal level of performance.

OEI Filtration Solutions have applications on:

  • Barges  Barge
  • Oil Service Ship Boat
  • Container Ships Shipping boat
  • Ferries Ferry
  • Cruise Ships Cruise Ship
  • Navy Equipment National Defense Ship
  • Pleasure Crafts Luxury Yacht
  • Entertainment Steamboat
  • Port Authority Tug Boat
  • Commercial Fishing Boats Fishing Boat

Fuel and Oil

Engine components and pumps need the highest level of protection possible to prevent downtime and unplanned PMs. Some of the most common and destructive problems facing marine fuel and lubrication oil, are algae and diesel fuel contamination.

Algae grows due to the presence of water and iron, but those are also key ingredients in fuel. The key to reducing the iron and water contamination is to filter the fuel going into the reservoir, out to the equipment and having a kidney loop system filter the fuel 24/7 when in the system. This will remove the ferrous metals and non ferrous contaminants down to and below one micron, and keep the water value down to levels where algae is unable to live and it does not reach the fuel injectors. 

The three contaminants commonly found in Marine Diesel fuel are: water, inorganic debris (sand, dust, rust) and organic debris (fuel breakdown by-products). Organic debris comprises more than 90% of all contaminants found in fuel and oil. This sludge is commonly referred to as ‘diesel fuel algae’, but it is actually tar, wax, polymer or asphalt build up in the system.

Traditional filtration places coarse strainers to solve this problem, but they only filter down to 60 microns because they cannot restrict the flow rate. In order to adequately filter out these contaminates from the fuel and oil, magnetic filtration should be engaged. Magnetic Filtration will solve this important problem because of its ability to filter to submicron levels while maintaining flow rates.

OEI can remove erosion materials from corrosion down to submicron levels to protect your pipes, lines, engines and equipment components from unnecessary wear. All of our products are made in Stainless Steel to prevent electrolysis and corrosion from occurring. We can add any type of coating you would like to increase the resistance of corrosion and erosion on our products.


Seawater plays an invaluable role in cooling important elements of a Marine engine, providing water to your ship and sustaining your newly captured products. However, contaminants in unfiltered seawater can wreak havoc on your systems causing corrosion, clogging, and pipe fouling. In addition, a high level of filtration needs to occur in order to successfully turn seawater into useable potable water for your ship and crew. Because of the many important uses of seawater on ships but the many side-effects it can cause, Magnetic Filtration is the best solution to adequately filter out contaminants to keep your systems safe.


OEI’s Magnetic Filtration products can be used to filter all types of hydraulic oil, coolant, hydraulic steering systems, cranes, deck gear, cargo handling and bow thruster hydraulics. Magnetic filtration will prevent premature component wear, unscheduled PMs and contaminated fluids from affecting your hydraulics.

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