Magnetic Filtration for Oil Production

OEI’s Magnetic Filter solutions are a vital addition to Oil Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Production. Our filtration technology differentiates from tradition filters in several ways:

  • Filtration capability is below 1 micron to above 100
  • Cleanable and reusable for 15+ years
  • Reduces consumable costs
  • Increases equipment reliability
  • Improves uptime and profitability
  • Increase your safety record by extending PMs; thereby reducing travel and equipment contact frequency
  • Enhance company’s environmental record
  • Minimal flow restriction


Upstream Crude extraction continuously requires new technologies to improve methods and equipment for exploration and extraction to be competitive in the world market. OEI provides solutions for traditional Oil Exploration and Shale Oil exploration for both onshore and offshore drilling rigs. This applies to rotating equipment applications for lube oils, hydraulics, coolants and fuels. Following drilling, OEI has custom filtration solutions for all manner of well servicing equipment for hydraulic fracturing processes, coil tubing, fluid pumping, nitrogen pumping, acidizing and remedial cementing processes. Contamination is responsible for 80 percent of unscheduled downtime. Employment of OEI magnetic filtration technology will improve equipment reliability and improve profitability. This is especially important in remote and isolated locations. OEI Magnetic filtration solutions will extend your PM period, equipment component and fluid life, increase reliability, provide a ROI within a year and enhance overall profitability.


Midstream Oil production can be very hazardous if mistakes are made. Before safe transportation of crude can occur, important impurities are removed using specialized equipment. Once this process is complete, the transportation of crude from the well/rigs to the refineries via pipelines, oil tankers, trucks and trains can occur. Pipelines we filter rotating equipment in pipelines. Trucks and trains responsible for transporting this precious resource are not allowed to break or fail in this critical period. To maintain uptime and minimize unplanned maintenance, filtration of ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants is imperative. OEI also provides real time predictive and preventative maintenance, by viewing contaminants trapped on our filters.


Downstream crude refinement generates valuable products used in thousands of important products around the world. To access these precious products Crude refinements undergo four basic processes: distillation, cracking, treating and reforming. The equipment conducting these refinement processes are powered by complex gearboxes, steam turbines, pumps and compressors. Some chemicals used in these processes, are very dangerous (ammonia and glycol) and need proper filtration to maintain equipment life, in order to ensure safety, equipment and environmental measures are consistently met. Employ OEI magnetic filters to maintain safety, environmental and health standards and avoid costly fines.

Oil Sands

We also have applications for Oil Sands Production around the world. One Eye Industries provides filtration solutions for all rotating equipment used in Open Pit Oil Sands Extraction. Additionally, our products are also found on both mobile equipment and plant equipment during the Oil refining process.

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