Magnetic Filtration for Transportation

One Eye Industries has been putting our Magnetic Filtration products to use on the Transportation industry since 2008. With industry needs shifting away from diesel fuel and towards Natural gas, we have aligned our products to match the demand. All OEI Magnetic Filtration Solutions are designed to be compatible with all types of fuel.

We use our Magnetic Filter Pads, Magnetic Filter Rods, Magnetic Scrubbers, ADD Vantage 9000, and Kidney Loop systems to outfit our unique transportation customer’s needs. We provide filtration for fuel, coolant, engine lube oil, hydraulics, transmissions, pneumatics and more. OEI filtration solutions have been deployed to great success in the below transportation applications:

  • Fire Trucks Fire Truck
  • Ambulance Ambulance
  • Police Police
  • Trains  Commuter Train
  • City Buses Bus
  • City Fuel Stations Gas Station
  • Transport Trucks Transport Truck
  • Personal vehicles Pickup Truck


Beyond the basic filtration elements for transportation, we also have some unique applications where our filtration products can enhance other vital parts of your system.

  • Filtration from day tank to the fuel tank
  • Engine Oil filtration
  • Coolant Filtration
  • Auxiliary Heaters
  • Refrigeration
  • Transmissions and Final Drives
  • Kidney loop filtration
  • Crankcase ventilation
  • Magnetic Drive Pumps

Auxiliary Heaters

Auxiliary Heaters are a must for any transportation professional that lives north of the equator. Winters can be long, cold and fierce, hence why such a powerful auxiliary heater is necessary for safety and comfort on the job. Auxiliary heaters use Mag Drive pumps, that become compromised and fail when the corrosion in the coolant system comes into contact with the Mag Drive pump. Installing OEI Magnetic Filtration on the coolant system will protect the auxiliary heating pump, the engine coolant pump and the radiator. With OEI Magnetic Filtration installed, this will reduce the opportunity for engine failure by: maintaining the proper operating temperature, reducing the opportunity to allow the contamination to wear the coolant jacket, and preventing contamination of coolant in the oil which will seize the engine. Coolant contamination results in 80% of engine failure.

Oil Changes

Typically, highway transport trucks need to change their trucks oil once a month or 18,000kms, depending on the truck and engine model. Imagine if there was a way to prolong these monthly oil changes and save time and money? OEI Magnetic Filtrations Solutions can do just that!

Our spin on canister ADD-Vantage 9000 series filters or Magnetic Filter Pads are capable of removing all the contamination down to and below 1 micron. This replaces the typical paper spin on filter that is not rated for efficiency or micron capability. The result of our Magnetic Filtration technology on systems results in extended oil change intervals 2 to 3 times the industry standard. In addition, it will also help to extend the life of the engine components 2 to 3 times the norm.

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