One Eye Industry Journey

  Posted:12 days ago


Our company began like all revolutionary companies… in the garage of our founder's house.

The company has grown from 4 years of critical and technical product development and is now into its 15th year of sales.

Check out some of our highlights below:

1995 - One Eye Industries Inc. registers as a company. From there we spent the next 5 years developing products, testing, and securing patents all from the trusty garage.

2000 - We began selling our magnetic filtration solutions in the automotive market.

2001 - We entered the mining and construction market, and created the One Eye Industries Magnetic Scrubbers.

2003 - We began selling our filtration solutions to the mining market.

2004 - We won a project giving us our first international client.

2006 – 2012 - One Eye expanded our product lines to begin servicing the oil and gas, food production, and marine industries.

2013 - We moved into our 4th location, leasing an 18,000-square-foot manufacturing space.

2014 - Developed the 8000 Series Kidney Loop Filtration system. This product is a portable filtration system that has two types of filtration in one, to effectively remove ferrous and non-ferrous material to sub-micron levels without having to install this directly in your equipment.

2015 - We’ve had a busy year. One Eye Industries developed the MIT filters to better serve in-tank filtration needs.

Our magnetic filtration technology is being used in 36 countries and we are continuing to grow.

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