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Our company began like all revolutionary companies… in the garage of our founder's house

The company has grown from 4 years of critical and technical product development and is now into its 15th year of sales.

Check out some of our highlights below:

1995 - One Eye Industries Inc. registers as a company. From there we spent the next 5 years developing and testing products and securing patents all from the trusty garage.

2000 - We began selling our magnetic filtration solutions in the automotive market.

2001 - We entered the mining and construction market, and created the One Eye Industries Magnetic Scrubbers.

2003 - We began selling our filtration solutions to the mining market.

2004 - We won a project giving us our first international client.

2006 – 2012 - One Eye expanded our product lines to begin servicing the oil and gas, food production, and marine industries.

2013 - We moved into our 4th location, leasing an 18,000-square-foot manufacturing space.

2014 - We developed the 8000 Series Kidney Loop Filtration system. This product is a portable filtration system that has two types of filtration in one, to effectively remove ferrous and non-ferrous material to sub-micron levels without having to install this directly in your equipment.

2015 - We’ve had a busy year. One Eye Industries developed the MIT filters to better serve in-tank filtration needs. This is the year that One Eye started working more closely with OEMs to develop filtration kits which would apply to specific pieces of equipment in the oil and gas and mining industries. We also continued to grow our presence in countries like South Africa and Australia.

2016 & 2017 - When companies were still struggling to survive the economic downturn, OEI, through its product development and global distribution, continued to grow. While most of the oil and gas world was shrinking its activities, the world of fracking grew. One Eye also expanded with this market and was challenged to develop new variations of its products, like medium and high-pressure scrubbers, and lighter filtration systems, such as a plug and play application, replacing traditional y-strainers. OEI’s inline bullet aluminum filters answered this demand for lighter, easier mounting but with more efficient filtration that could fit in tight spaces. OEI also developed more filtration options for the suction side of systems and has begun to convince its customers that clean hydraulic fluids are an essential aspect of reliability.

So far, 2018 is another year of growth in the company and in its markets (over 40 countries). One of this year’s undeniable successes has been the 9ADV9-VS116 which is a new addition to the ADD-Vantage 9000 series; this filter is designed for cooler and boiler applications and glycol lines. It is causing quite a stir in the maintenance world of commercial and industrial buildings. Plus, OEI is continuing to work with post-secondary institutions to validate the exceptional environmental value of its technology. It is an exciting time for this company which is the poster child of a disruptive technology!

Our magnetic filtration technology is being used in 36 countries and we are continuing to grow.

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