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OEI's Technology in Line With Government's Energy Efficiency Investment

The Canadian government is looking at new technologies to improve building efficiency and to reduce the impact on the environment. Currently, buildings and homes contribute approximately 17 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

With ever-evolving innovations, One Eye Industries has branched into the commercial and residential building industries with a clean technology that meets the government's search for technical solutions.

Magnetic filters reduce emission-producing contamination

The One Eye Industries ADD-Vantage 9000 116 Magnetic Filter offers increased reliability and reduces the environmental impact of boilers, chillers, heat exchangers, pumps, and cooling towers.

These filters reduce the consumption of traditional, disposable media filtration and remove the most damaging, emission-producing contamination to sub-micron levels.

Energy-efficient buildings key to Canada's low carbon future

Energy efficiency is hard to see, but we feel the benefits in our homes, neighbourhoods, environment, economy, and wallets.

A clean energy future includes federal investments in innovation to drive economic growth, reduce environmental impact, and create new, clean technology jobs for Canadians.

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Learn more about One Eye Industries magnetic filtration technology here.


Improves Safety Standards

Environmentally Responsible

Increases Equipment Reliability