The Foe- Ferrous Metal

“The Foe: Ferrous Metal”

CIM Magazine

October 2014

Maintaining Turbine Efficiency

“Maintaining Turbine Efficiency”

N.A. Clean Energy

May 2014

Wajax- Magnets At Work

“Magnets At Work”

Wajax Magazine

March 2013

Wajax- An Attractive Idea

“An Attractive Idea”

Wajax Connections

Winter 2012

Rational For Using Magnetic Particle Collectors

“The Rationale for Using Magnetic Particle Collectors”

Machinery Lubrication

November 2009

Magnetic Filter Cores- A novel approach to preventative maintenance

“Magnetic Filter Cores: A novel approach to Proactive Maintenance”

Co-Authored by Pall Corporation and One Eye Industries


Rio Tinto endorses Magnetic Filtration on Gearboxes

Energy TV Company Profile: One Eye Industries

ShawTV: Green Mining