2017 OEI Catalog

Download our 2017 One Eye Industries Catalogue for a look at all of our products, sizing, conversions and how to order!
2017 OEI Catalog

New Order Inquiry Form

Download and fill out the Order Inquiry Form, to speed up the ordering process.

OEI Kidney Loop Quote Request Form


Fill out and submit this Kidney Loop Quote Request Form to initiate the OEI kidney loop quote delivery process. Quotes will not be started until a completed kidney loop quote request form is received.

OEI Kidney Loop Overview


Download this Kidney Loop Overview to identify the capabilities of kidney loops and to present the overall benefits of OEI kidney loop filtration units.

OEI Magnetic Filter Rod Cage Policy

OEI Caged Magnetic Filter Rod

Pump Jack Questionnaire

Use our Pump Jack Questionnaire to get a better understanding of your clients’ needs. Please ensure this form is complete before requesting a quote.

OEI Magnetic Plug Predicitive Maintenance Guide

Prevent costly downtime with our OEI Magnetic Plug Predictive Maintenance Guide.

OEI High Pressure Y-Strainers Predictive Maintenance Wear Guide

OEI: Cryogenic Y Strainer

Download our OEI High Pressure Y-Strainers Predictive Maintenance Wear Guide to prevent costly downtime on your equipment!

Magnetic Filtration: Static Charge and Embedding

OEI Static Charge Diagram

OEI ADD-Vantage 9000 Cleaning Instructions