One Eye Industries products are also a valuable addition to Hydrocarbon Fuel Management programs. These equipment life prolonging programs have applications for all types of fluids (fuel, oil, lube oil, coolant, water, hydraulics, amine, glycol and more) used in rotating equipment.

How Does Contamination Enter Equipment through Fluids?

Contamination can occur from deposits from the main fuel line/fluid into storage tanks. While in storage tanks accumulation of corrosion from the reserve tank wall’s can enter the new and existing fuel. Fuel filtration must also occur from the reserve tank to the engine fueling, to take out existing ferrous and non-ferrous material before it goes into the equipment. Once the fuel has been entirely cleaned before entering the equipment’s system, filtration must now occur to capture previous contaminants missed from collection and ferrous wear contamination yet to occur in the equipment.

By ensuring full system filtration (pre fill, storage, fill, use), it will not only decrease unplanned maintenance and equipment failure, but will increase uptime and reliability in the long run.

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