About One Eye Industries

One Eye Industries

Design and Technology

One Eye Industries Inc (OEI) designs and manufactures patented magnetic filtration solutions for all rotary equipment as well as to other applications such as filtering water.

OEI employs a patented radial magnetic filter rod technology in the construction of its magnetic filtration systems which capture ferrous and non-ferrous material to sub-micron levels with minimal flow restriction.


OEI’s technology is an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional filtration methods. This technology offers a 15+ year product life. It does not require utilities to operate; it is a cleanable technology which greatly reduces the number of contaminated traditional depth media filters entering landfills. The components of OEI filters are cleanable—not throw away. Importantly, One Eye Industries’ Magnetic Separators also extend fluid life, extend component life and reduce maintenance time and frequency; these results ensure that a company’s environmental footprint is reduced significantly.


OEI’s Magnetic Filtration Systems offer increased safety to a company’s employees by reducing the maintenance frequency. This results in a reduction of risk in the following: travel, exposure to the elements, treatment of toxic materials such as contaminated traditional depth media filtration, and occurrence of injury during maintenance.


The effectiveness of OEI’s filters has a direct impact on a company’s fiscal health. The product life of 15+ years with reusable components, the elimination of costs related to the frequency of installation, replacement, transport and disposal of traditional filtration, the increase of uptime due to component and fluid longevity, and the reduction of a company’s carbon footprint, all positively affect a company’s balance sheet. The initial cost of an OEI product is quickly realized in the continued savings the product brings to any reliability program.

Environmental Logo

The Legend of the One Eye Bear

The company name is based on the legend of a one-eyed grizzly bear who lived in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada.

One dark night, during a raging windstorm, a large, voracious grizzly ripped the door off a hunter’s camper. In self-defense, the terrified hunter shot at the raging bear, taking out the grizzly’s eye.

The hunter swore that the look in the bear’s remaining eye was one of unrelenting revenge. The grizzly’s roar silenced the wind as he disappeared into the darkness.

From that day forward, famous hunters and intrepid game wardens desperately searched every mountain and valley to find this dangerous, wounded bear.

He was never caught. He anticipated every trap. He outsmarted his competition. He became the cunning phantom grizzly named One Eye leaving his enormous paw prints everywhere as a reminder of his prowess.

As time passed, the legend of One Eye grew just as the grizzly grew larger, more powerful, and more menacing every year.

So potent is this legendary bear that even today, all of his offspring possess only one eye, and are the most powerful and dangerous grizzlies in the world!

One Eye’s intelligence, determination, and ability to beat the odds is the perfect signature for our company and our brand.