Is Your Fluid Really Clean Enough

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Fluid Cleanliness

ISO standards were developed in the 1970's, how relevant do you think they are?

ISO standards were developed in the late 1970’s dictating the industry standard for clean fuels, lube oils and fluids is 18/16/13 or 2,500 particles per millilitre. This level of cleanliness does not account for contamination that causes premature wear. Due to increasing operating costs and strict environmental legislations, ensuring optimum performance and reliability is directly dependent on fluid cleanliness. ISO Cleanliness

ISO Standards

Over the last 15 years tolerances have improved in equipment component tolerences, it has been realized that wear particulate under 5 microns is the most damaging. To improve equipment performance, fluid cleanliness must be the highest priority in maintenance programs. For example, the tolerances on equipment components such as bearings or high pressure nozzles are down to and below 1 micron.

Traditional filtration is not designed to handle high levels of contamination, nor particulate below 1 micron in size.

Inefficiency is no longer acceptable and new technologies are introducing a new mindset to industry.

ISO Cleanliness Graph 2