Understanding Equipment Failure

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equipment failure

The cause of 80% of all equipment failure is directly attributed to wear contamination on all manner of rotating, cooling & heating equipment.

Wear Contamination

Because today's material quality, design and machining capabilities function at a high level, the tolerances for rotating equipment components is tight. Quality bearings have a 1 micron tolerance as do servo valves for pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Magnetic filtration must be able to accommodate these new tolerances. Radial field rare earth magnetic filtration technology meets this new standard; ceramic magnetic filtration does not.

Identify the sources:

Primary Filtration Applications

Employ Proactive, Preventative Maintenance Programs

Employ quality fluids and lube oils designed for the application and environment.

Manage your maintenance with a predictive maintenance program utilizing quality analysis programs. This will provide accurate analysis of fluids and lube oils for wear metal contamination.

Employ quality magnetic filtration on all applications to ensure filtration of particulate below 1 micron in size. Use this magnetic filtration as a predictive maintenance tool by analyzing the trapped contamination. Contamination can show wear of specific components.