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One Eye Industries is an international company based out of Calgary, AB Canada that designs and manufactures magnetic filtration systems. Our mission is to be the trusted partner of industrial machinery operators in the oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, municipality, military and transport industries.

We’re always looking for enthusiastic candidates craving the opportunity for progression within a rapidly growing organization.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we encourage you to apply by sending your resume and cover letter to for positions listed below.

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Thank you for your interest about employment opportunities at One Eye Industries. Currently we do not have any open positions. Please check back for any possible future opportunities.


To support industrial machinery operators around the world with a sustainable magnetic filtration solution that drives safer operations, reduces operating costs, and improves the environmental impact of operations.

To be the trusted partner of industrial machinery operators around the world.
OEI Magnetic Filtration is the simplest way to achieve rapid payback with the lowest risk, by extending the life of rotating equipment. As a result, safety is improved while substantially reducing costs and environmental impact of operations.


They say that “necessity is the mother of invention.” So perhaps, we invent to fulfil basic needs. We see a void and we believe we can make that void go away. Sometimes though, our goals are loftier than that: We believe our world can be substantially better. And this, is the true motivator behind invention.

Some inventions however, are flawed — where obsolescence is planned and built into the solution itself. Where something as fundamental as the approach to solving a problem can cause other problems. So, OEI has taken a loftier approach: we believe that we can solve tomorrow’s challenges with today’s technology — that magnetic filtration can address not only some needs, but also challenges beyond the imagination of our industrial world.

For 18 years, we’ve focused on achieving rapid payback with minimal risk. We’ve believed that we could improve safety while reducing the environmental impact of operations. And we’ve proven over and over that we can do it. Longer lasting equipment with better reliability and reduced operating costs: This is what drives us. This is our better world. This is our better solution.