Chemicals and Gases

Protect injectors, pumps and compressors from contamination in caustic chemicals and high-pressure gases.

Protecting Momentives Chemical Plant Mag Drive Pumps

The challenge was to reduce high levels of contamination causing premature failure of the pumps and seals. The contamination was a result of erosion and corrosion of the piping caused by the dangerous process fluid Trimethoxy(methyl)silane (CAS number 1185-55-3). 

Protecting Taminco’s Magnetic Drive Pumps

Taminco operates many magdrive pumps that pump highly corrosive and toxic liquids. The pumps are supplied by companies like Sihi, Dickow, and Klaus Union. The pumps were failing within 6 months due to contamination between the wetted end magnetic drive, and the protection or containment shell. Taminco was enduring significant operating costs associated with downtime, unscheduled maintenance, and parts replacement of bearings and containment shells.

New-Build N2 Pumper Nitrogen Filtration

The challenge was to protect the seals and nitrogen pump from the break-in and inherent wear contamination. High levels of ferrous contamination in the nitrogen cause damage to the cold ends and wear the seals of the nitrogen pump on start up. Traditionally, these systems do not have any filtration allowing for wear particles to move freely throughout the system, damaging components.

Unison Solutions’ Compressor Methane

Conventional filters were failing and unable to protect the compressors used to extract and compress methane gas from refuse landfill sites. The failures occurred as a result of sulfuric gas mixed with the methane reacting with the metal skin of the disposable filter.

OEI magnetic filters are designed for 95+% efficiency: they are optimized for fluid viscosity, flow volume, flow rate, temperature, mobility, and mounting requirements.

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