Distributor Sales Kit

One Eye Industries Product Demonstration Kits are a valuable tool to customers and distributors wishing to demonstrate the capabilities of OEI technology. Each kit is compact, portable, and equipped with a sample of OEI’s core product lines. Kits include tools to showcase the comparison between OEM magnetic filtration and OEI’s patented magnetic technology.

Distributor Demo Kit

Magnetic Filter Plugs

OEI 7NPT34ES, 7PKOM-0086 / OEM 3/4” PLUG

OEI Magnetic Filter Plugs employ rare-earth magnets and are the high quality replacement for OEM ceramic magnetic drain plugs. These filters are effective predictive maintenance tools when contamination is analyzed to determine component wear.

Magnetic Filter Element


OEI Magnetic Filter Elements are designed with a patented radial magnetic field configuration that offers high-efficiency filtration of particles down to 4 microns and below.

Magnetic Filter Pads

1MPBT500/ 1MPBT800/ 1MPBT900

OEI Magnetic Filter Pads enhance all spin-on filters by capturing the wear contamination (sludge) < 10 microns that disposable filters fail to remove. These filters extend fluid life by 2 – 3 times that of a stand-alone disposable filter.

Magnetic Filter Scrubber


OEI Magnetic Filter Scrubbers employ an OEI Magnetic Filter Element in a special housing that ensures maximum dwell time for high efficiency filtration. These systems install on both suction and return lines of low and high pressure applications.

ADD-Vantage 9000


The ADD-Vantage 9000 magnetic filtration system employs a magnetic element and a s tainless steel cloth element in its design for high efficiency filtration and replaces conventional spin-on cartridge filters.

Magnetic Filter Y-Strainer


OEI Magnetic Y-Strainers employ a magnetic filter element as a replacement of conventional Y-strainers. Designs with and without a screen are available.

Recommended Product Demonstrations

Non-ferrous Contamination Test

Take an OEI Magnetic Filter Element outside to the parking lot and rub it around in the dirt. Nano-sized carbon contamination from vehicle exhaust embeds into debris, enabling the capture of dirt, rocks, glass, and dust.

Rare-earth Magnet Test

Place both the OEM and OEI magnetic filter plugs on the angle iron. Remove them individually and feel the difference in magnetic strength. Most OEM magnetic plugs employ ceramic magnets which degrade easily and lose strength under influence of temperature and vibration.

Radial Magnetic Field Test

Test the radial magnetic fields by attaching the angle iron to the magnetic filter element, then attempt to remove it. To succeed, the angle iron must slide down the magnetic filter element and break each individual
field. Because there are several fields of capture and dead space at the end of the magnetic filter element, the design allows for ease of cleaning.

Holding Strength Test

Fill the shaker jar with cooking oil to simulate rotating equipment fluid. Use the shaker jar in conjunction with the magnetic filter pads and plugs to compare OEM vs OEI magnetic technology. Shake the jar and hold the various magnetic filter products to the side to visually compare magnetic efficiencies

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