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OEI magnetic filtration is the simplest way to achieve rapid payback with the lowest risk by extending the life of rotating equipment. As a result, safety is improved while substantially reducing the costs and the environmental impact of operations.

Engines – Oil

Extend service intervals. OEI technology applies to natural gas, diesel fuel, and steam turbine engines. OEI’s high holding capacity filters offer continuous filtration in bypass.

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Engines – Fuel

Reduce emissions by protecting high-pressure fuel injectors from sub-micron wear contamination that wears nozzles and degrades engine performance and burn efficiency.

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Engines – Coolant

Protect engines from glycol leakage that leads to sludge deposits, oil-flow restriction, cold engine seizures, additive precipitation, formation of corrosive acids, and oil balls.

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Protect your equipment from the inevitable wear and tear of a transmission; filter the wear contamination that degrades bearings and causes system failures.

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Put an end to wear contamination that causes 80% of your equipment failures. Prevent the degradation of gearbox components that leads to catastrophic system failure.

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Reliability Kits

Protect mobile equipment bumper to bumper. Magnetic filtration kits protect all system fluids: engine oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid, water, fuel, and lube oil.

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Protect pump components from wear contamination with the assurance that your pump won’t cavitate. OEI filters operate with minimal flow restriction so they don’t starve pumps.

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Protect your hydraulic equipment from fluid degradation. Sub-micron filtration protects valves and bearings which ensures your hydraulic systems perform to expectation.

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Protect valves, bearings, pneumatic motors, and air breathers. Solid particles contaminate air systems through ambient air intake, corrosion, and carbon build-up.

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Eliminate engine lube oil degradation. Protect close tolerance components, like seals and valves, that are critical to the operation of compressors.

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Effectively filter fuel, lube oil and other fluids during dispensing. Capture the contamination that builds up in reservoirs and during transportation.

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Chemicals & Gases

Protect injectors, pumps and compressors from contamination in caustic chemicals and high-pressure gases. 

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Cooling Systems

OEI cleanable filters require maintenance periods of over 6 months. We strive to be the most trusted partner for maintenance technicians operating in the most demanding locations.

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Water Systems

Protect utility and process water from rust and corrosion contamination. Common applications are cooling lines, boiler feed lines, reservoirs, and process water lines.

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Heat Exchangers

Improve heat transfer efficiency and protect equipment by capturing the particle contamination sourced from airborne entry, corrosion contamination, and mineral deposits.

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Food Product Lines

Successfully filter various solid and liquid food products at all points of processing. OEI offers the highest-food-grade filters that meet all installation requirements. 

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Parts Washers

Eliminate bag filters, and improve product quality and earn repeat sales. Contaminated washer fluid is the reason why machined products fail painting and final quality control.

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Milling Machines

Improve the quality of cooling/cutting oil, extend operating life, ensure efficient heat transfer, prevent re-cutting or welding of filings, and reduce the risk of tooling fracture.

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CleanMud Magnetic Filtration

A CleanMud Filtration System working in the field.

Oil & Gas Operators often think component failure and unplanned maintenance come from increased speed, temperature and pressure. Our data proves that it also comes from wear contamination. That’s why our CleanMud Magnetic Filtration System is proven to reduce non-productive time by at least 30%.

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