Food Product Lines

Successfully filter pulp slurry, production materials, foods, or fluids. OEI filters are designed to meet application parameters such as flow rate, viscosity, and pressure. OEI has proven success improving final product quality in various production applications.

Indonesia Bean Processing Product Line

The challenge was to replace existing magnetic filtration that was unable to capture the ferrous contamination and large processing parts that were damaging equipment downline and reducing final product quality.

Indonesia Corn Feed Mixer

The challenge was to prevent excessive ferrous metal contamination produced during the mill’s corn mixing process from prematurely wearing on the mills equipment components and degrading final product quality.

Indonesia Tobacco Blender

The challenge was to replace the tobacco blender’s existing filters to remove wear contamination and loose/broken processing parts, and to improve product quality.

Indonesian Candy Product Line

The challenge was to reduce the incidences of product being rejected due to ferrous contamination.

Indonesian Chocolate Product Line

The challenge was to improve the product quality of chocolate used in a cookie production line and reduce product rejection due to ferrous contamination.

Bonduelle Fresh Produce Conveyor Line

The challenge was to replace existing magnetic filters to improve the product cleanliness of fresh produce, and ultimately reduce production loss caused by product contamination (ferrous metals and process materials such as nails, knuts and wire).

OEI magnetic filters are designed for 95+% efficiency: they are optimized for fluid viscosity, flow volume, flow rate, temperature, mobility, and mounting requirements.

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