OEI technology offers the forestry industry quality, cleanable filtration to protect assets and optimizes processes. OEI magnetic filtrations meets the demand for pulp and paper machine process fluid filtration solutions with minimal flow, viscosity or installation restrictions.

Featured Case Study

Proven Result:
Slurry Pump Protected within 8 Hours of Operation

PT. TJIWI KIMIA: Pulp and Paper Mill


Pulp Mill Slurry 

Pulp Slurry

Prevent the slurry pump and it’s components from premature wear due to excessive bale wire contaminating the pulp slurry.

Replace traditional magnetic filters with OEI filtration technology.


The photo shows substantial contamination, including bale wire, captured after 8 hours of operation.

After successful implementation, the mill has ordered multiple OEI filters to replace their previous magnetic filtration systems to protect the integrity of their equipment.



Slurry Pump Protection

The challenge was to prevent the slurry pump and it’s components from premature wear due to excessive bale wire contaminating the pulp slurry.

Log Unloader Engine Rebuild Prevention

The challenge was to prolong the life of a Wagner Log Loader’s 3408 engine. An engine oil analysis indicating a high particle quantity (PQ) determined that the engine required a rebuild. The maintenance manager recommended installing an OEI ADD-Vantage 9000 on the engine to prolong it’s life until a new engine could be procured.

PT Setia Kawan Pulp & Paper Mill Oil Lubrication System

Concern about excessive amounts of ferrous metal contamination in the splash oil system of the gearbox that will degrade the quality of the oil and prematurely wear the gearbox components.

Indonesia Newprint Mill Hydraulic Fluid

High production down time, due to bearing and seal failure resulting from contaminated hydraulic fluid.

Pulp Paper Mill Gear Box

Darcy Rasmusson the maintenance manager for Tama Paper Board was looking for new technology to improve the filtration of his gear lube on the paper machine, as the filtration employed did not have the desired results. Darcy was as well looking for ways to reduce maintenance costs in bearing and pump failure.

OEI magnetic filters are designed for 95+% efficiency: they are optimized for fluid viscosity, flow volume, flow rate, temperature, mobility, and mounting requirements.

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