OEI is presently working with Komatsu on a test project on extending planned maintenance intervals for final drives. Komatsu had originally been employing Donaldson kidney loops, unable to meet the required ISO Standard 18-16-13; they’ve since employed OEI Kidney Loops and have Currently Komatsu is employing an OEI Kidney Loop and are successfully exceeding their target cleanliness level.
OEI supplies magnetic filter plugs for haul truck wheel motors as a predictive maintenance tool. On average, the OEI proactive approach to identifying premature wear of wheel motor components has saved haul trucks upwards of $70,000 USD in repair costs, labour, component replacements and downtime. The alternative? Catastrophic failure at a cost of $500,000 USD.
OEI manufactures standard magnetic filters for fuel, coolant, engine lube, transmission and sump applications on haul trucks.
Presently, Anglo American has an ongoing case study on the cost savings associated with employing front wheel hub magnetic filter plugs on one of their Komatsu haul truck fleets.