Canadian innovation: Aktau launched a pilot project to install magnetic water filters in residential buildings


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Technologies for water purification using magnetic separators were first used in house No. 65 of 4 Aktau microdistrict. The pilot project was launched on February 18, 2019. This was reported by Aibek Tlegenov, deputy director of the branch of JSC “Center for Housing and Public Utilities” of the Mangistau region.

Photo courtesy of Aibek Tlegenov

KazCenter Housing and Public Utilities JSC and Canadian company Black Powder Solutions Inc. signed a memorandum, the purpose of which is the implementation of joint projects for the development of public utilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The parties will carry out a transfer of advanced technologies and developments, conduct their trial operation.

One of the projects is the installation of technologies for water purification using magnetic separators, which are located in pipelines of heat and water supply systems.

“Special filters in separators remove particles of black powder from water, such as rust and iron oxide. This leads to a slowdown of the corrosion process and allows to extend the service life of pipes in 1,5-2 times, improving their operational efficiency. The same technologies are used in the mining and oil and gas industries for the purification of hydrocarbons and process fluids” mentioned Aibek Tlegenov.

The technology itself was invented 18 years ago and is now used in 40 countries. The first phase of the pilot project was launched in Aktau, where the first magnetic separator was installed on February 18, 2019, and on February 21 this filter was removed to be sent to Canada for analysis.

“In the near future, Black Powder Solutions magnetic separators will be installed on hot and cold water supply lines in the cities of Uralsk and Aktau. Studies will be conducted over several months. With the positive results of the pilot project, the question of project implementation in other regions and the possibility of localizing the production of such equipment in Kazakhstan will be considered ” explained the representative of KazCenter Housing and Public Utilities JSC of the Mangystau region.


The article was prepared by Kazakhstan news source

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