One Eye Industries Inc. (OEI) has launched CleanMud Filtration Systems™, the company’s latest innovation in magnetic filtration. CleanMud Filtration is designed to filter wear contamination from oil, water and chemical-based mud, along with fracking and completion fluid. The patented technology removes more than 95 per cent of wear contamination down to and below one micron in size.

“Early field testing of this new system has shown that wear contamination makes up one per cent of drilling fluid,” explains Roger Simonson, President of OEI. “We’ve never talked about this one per cent before because we didn’t know about it, we didn’t know there was this much metal wear contamination in our drilling fluids. Now we do and CleanMud Filtration can correct that.”

Erosion of the casing and drill pipe are the main sources of metal wear contamination and they combine with natural iron compounds and silica that are released from the formation. Together, these wear contaminants get picked up by drilling fluids and mud and travel through the entire system. On average, these wear contaminants are small, under four microns and can’t be removed by traditional technologies – in total, they account for one per cent of drilling fluids and mud.

“Particles that are under four microns are like sandpaper and they are the most damaging wear contamination found in drilling fluids; they cause more than 55 per cent of the premature wear,” adds Simonson. “There is no industry standard for mud cleanliness so, for best protection, drilling and completion fluids should be filtered to remove wear contamination before operations even start and continue to be filtered throughout the entire operation.”

Field test analysis of a CleanMud Filter considered both the component life extension and increased production. The analysis identified financial, operational, safety and environmental benefits that could be translated for operators, drilling contractors, completion contractors, mud suppliers and well stimulation contractors.

Our test results identified a financial return in 1.56 years on the fluid end components and fluid life was extended by 52 per cent. As well, the drill string component life extension would be realized in less than one year. And, because of less wear on all components, our users experienced lowered emissions, increased safety, reduced labour costs, decreased downtime and a quicker trip to well completion.

Product details and test results are included with this release.


CleanMud Filtration Systems is a division of One Eye Industries Inc. (OEI). OEI designs and manufactures magnetic filtration systems for rotating equipment fuels, lubrication oils and fluids. As the sustainable alternative to conventional filters, each filter is optimized for its application and exceeds fluid cleanliness standards. This helps to prevent failure, reduce unplanned maintenance and minimize downtime. The initial cost of an OEI product is quickly realized in the continued saving the product brings to any reliability program.

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