Power Generation

OEI has unrivalled success and an extensive product range tailored to meet the demanding applications of power generation facilities and alternative energy equipment. We design and manufacture high performance filters that require minimal flow restriction and continuous, magnetic filtration in bypass to protect equipment from failure and downtime.

Featured Case Study

Proven Result:
Extended Lube Oil and Gearbox Operating Life

Coal Production Facility

Gillette, WY / 2009

Coal Loading Gate

Gearbox Lube Oil

Silo gearboxes controlling the shoot gates that load the trains with coal had inadequate filtration that only captured contamination down to 20 microns in size. Kinnecott Energy required an OEI magnetic filter to capture wear contamination down to 4 microns and below to reduce premature wear of bearings and other close tolerance components.

Install an OEI ADD-Vantage 9000 in the gearbox. The ADD-Vantage 9000 includes OEI’s patented magnetic filter element as well as a stainless steel cloth element. The “inside-out” flow control design operates with the magnetic filter element as the primary filter. The high holding capacity allows for extended operating life of the stainless steel cloth element which minimizes by-passing and extends cleaning intervals

A significant amount of ferrous and non-ferrous contamination was captured by OEI magnetic elements. This system has proven to surpass traditional filtration and extend both lube oil and gearbox life.

Power Generation



North Sea Offshore Wind Turbine Gearbox

Wind turbine gearboxes are susceptible to failure well before their designed service lives because 1) wind turbines consist of a dozen bearings that work simultaneously for years, and 2) the variability of wind patterns leads to fluctuating loads on wind turbine components. These failures are a major cause of downtime, unplanned maintenance, and parts replacement; they are the primary cause of increased opex for energy operators, and higher utility bills for customers.

Improving Wind Turbine Reliability

Traditional filtration is unable to filter wear contamination under 4 microns in size that causes wear on close tolerance components such as bearings, gears and shafts. A bearing failure in a wind turbine gearbox can cost in excess of $500,000. This figures does not account for downtime and maintenance.

Engine Fuel

Electric Motor Generators Fuel Filtration

The challenge was to reduce wear contamination in the generator’s diesel fuel that was causing damage to the injectors and pump. Conventional filters have been ineffective in capturing contamination under 20 microns due to worm holing and channeling.

Generator Diesel Fuel Filtration

A container loading dock facility experienced frequent failures of the Merk Cummins CC 06 engines being used to power the electric motor generators in the cranes. High levels of ferrous metal contamination flowed through the existing conventional filters resulting in reduced operational life of injectors, actuators and camshafts. Further, this caused reduced fuel efficiency, increased emissions and increased fuel consumption.

Gas Plant

Unison Solutions’ Compressor Methane

Conventional filters were failing and unable to protect the compressors used to extract and compress methane gas from refuse landfill sites. The failures occurred as a result of sulfuric gas mixed with the methane reacting with the metal skin of the disposable filter.

OEI magnetic filters are designed for 95+% efficiency: they are optimized for fluid viscosity, flow volume, flow rate, temperature, mobility, and mounting requirements.

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