Protect pump components from wear contamination with the assurance that your pump won’t cavitate. OEI filters operate with minimal flow restriction so they don’t starve pumps.

Slurry Pump Protection

The challenge was to prevent the slurry pump and it’s components from premature wear due to excessive bale wire contaminating the pulp slurry.

Campground Water Pump Protection

Water wells are commonly rich with iron oxides. The ferrous contamination prematurely wears on water pump impellars, seals, gaskets and other critical components. Western Canada’s largest campground was experiencing pump failures annually, and required a filtration system that would remove contamination down to sub-micron levels to protect their pump’s close tolerance components.

Burlington Resources Glycol Pump Protection

The challenge was to reduce ferrous particles in the system, as they led to pump failure, and conventional filters were not effectively removing the contamination. Maintenance Manager for Burlington Resources wanted to prevent pump failures and reduce contamination down to 4 microns and below. 

Protecting Taminco’s Magnetic Drive Pumps

Taminco operates many magdrive pumps that pump highly corrosive and toxic liquids. The pumps are supplied by companies like Sihi, Dickow, and Klaus Union. The pumps were failing within 6 months due to contamination between the wetted end magnetic drive, and the protection or containment shell. Taminco was enduring significant operating costs associated with downtime, unscheduled maintenance, and parts replacement of bearings and containment shells.

Canyon Technical Quintuplex Pump Protection

On cold start up, the traditional filter goes into bypass allowing the inherent contamination to flow through the system causing premature pump, bearing and conrod failure. This results in costly hose and cooler clean up. The most damaging contamination is below 4 microns because it wears on close-tolerance components such as bearings.

OEI magnetic filters are designed for 95+% efficiency: they are optimized for fluid viscosity, flow volume, flow rate, temperature, mobility, and mounting requirements.

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