Reliability Kits

Protect mobile equipment bumper to bumper. Magnetic filtration kits protect all system fluids: coolant, hydraulic fluid, water, fuel, and lube oil.

New-Build N2 Pumper Break-in Wear Test

In 2018, NOV, STEP and OEI collaborated to outfit a new-build N2 Pumper with 13 uniquely designed OEI magnetic filters. To showcase the criticality of employing OEI filtration on new-build equipment, a test was run to determine how much break-in wear contamination is produced during initial operation.

Pioneer Natural Resources Frac Truck Bumper to Bumper Filtration

The critical system components on Pioneer Natural Resources’ new build frac pumper have tolerances under 4 microns. Traditional depth-media filtration is unable to effectively filter contamination under 10 microns in size. To prevent unsccheduled downtime and maintenance, Dan Stoye, Maintenance Manager for PNR, decided to outfit the frac pumper with OEI magnetic filtration.

Kenworth Truck Engine Oil & Fuel

Capture wear contamination missed by the trucks existing filtration system to prevent it from prematurely wearing on engine components. The main sources of engine oil contamination are air ingression, engine parts manufacturing, inherent wear particles in new oil, and break-in wear.

Landstar BCO Transport Truck Engine Oil & Fuel

The transportation industry is looking for methods to safely extend maintenance periods to keep trucks on the road, which is good for business. The costs of fuel, new trucks and parts are always going up. More efficient ways of conducting business are being implemented and many leading operators are turning to One Eye Industries (OEI’s) filter technology.

OEI magnetic filters are designed for 95+% efficiency: they are optimized for fluid viscosity, flow volume, flow rate, temperature, mobility, and mounting requirements.

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