One Eye Industries’ Safe T Spray is a new invention
that eliminates fires caused by combustible build-up and debris.

These combustible materials build up in enclosed areas and
while industrial equipment fires are common, they are not often talked about.

Safe T Spray is a system installed in the enclosed areas such as engine compartments and safely cleans windshields (behind the grates) on your industrial equipment. Until now, the enclosed areas that cause fires have been almost impossible to wash.


Safe T Spray Systems come in 3 base configurations which can be customized based on application:

Primary Benefits 

Proactive approach to reduce fire risk

Electrical shorts, hydraulic line failure, and brake overheating will occur with fuel build up. Removing the fuel source when these failures take place substantially removes the catastrophic outcome.

Reduced operator exposure

Window guarding combined with height can create a high-risk exposure when attempting to clean. Clear visibility is crucial while operating mobile equipment.

Reduce PM downtime

As panel and seat removal are often required to address high risk areas for accumulation. Installing the Safe T Spray not only reduced scheduled downtime, but labor cost was substantially reduced.

Increased cleaning frequency

Since this takes minutes not hours to address the high-risk areas.

Improve convection efficiency

Reducing oxidation while extending component life. A substantial amount of heat is dissipated through convection, engines, transmissions, differentials etc. Minimizing the combustible material will not only reduce the high fire risk, but it will also improve the efficiency for cooling, thus reducing the oxidation process and increase component life