OEI magnetic filtration is employed internationally by leaders in the oil and gas, mining, commercial and residential building, manufacturing, transportation, food, pharmaceutical, defense, petrochemical, and marine industries. OEI magnetic filtration systems apply to engines, gearboxes, hydraulics and pneumatics, processed products, cooling systems, and water systems. Each filter employs a magnetic filter element with a patented radial field configuration for high holding strength.
These systems operate with minimal flow restriction and are proven to capture both ferrous and non-ferrous contamination in rotating equipment applications. The first OEI filtration system was installed in 2001, and has been proven successful in over 40 countries.

P&H has been installing OEI Magnetic Filters on their shovels for over 13 years. OEI supplies Magnetic Filter Scrubbers and ADD-Vantage 9000 Filters to replace the OEM filters through our Canadian distributor WAJAX for Hitachi. OEI Kidney Loops can be designed in compact format. OEI Scrubbers and Magnetic Filter Elements are available for all gearbox applications.