Ultrasonic Enviro-Wash 9000

The OEI Ultrasonic Enviro-Wash 9000 is an integrated unit designed to remove contaminant particulates from stainless
steel cloth elements. The system operates with OEI’s biodegradable cleaning solution to remove carbon, soot,
graphite, oils, solvent-based products, grease, soils, and protein deposits.


The system has two cleaning components: the bio-cleaning soak and spray cycle for standard cleanings, and the ultrasonic tank for heavy-duty cleanings.


Standard Cleaning

Every cleaning cycle: 30-minute cycle in the bio-cleaning soak and spray.
Every three cycles: 10 minutes in the ultrasonic tank followed by the 30-minute bio-cleaning soak and spray.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Recommended for cleaning of heavy-duty substances like varnish. 30-minute cleaning in the bio-cleaning soak and spray. 4 minutes in the ultrasonic tank.

Operating Parameters



» 5″ OD soak / dry tubes
» Liquid spray hose
» Ultrasonic generator
» Ultrasonic tank
» Washing reservoir
» Power outlet
» Clean element bags
» Level indicator
» Tube spray caps
» 5″ tube storage
» Wheels

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